Hey Beautiful!

My name is Olivia, and I love to LIV natural.

I am so glad you came to check my site out. I have been on this crazy journey trying to get toxins and chemicals out of my house for  years now. I would love to share my tips and tricks with you. It can be overwhelming  to start living natural, but I am here to help! We will celebrate your own successes to be the best version of you-inside and out!

Since, we just became best friends, I would love to share a little about me. I live in the cold state of Wisconsin. I have been vegetarian for the last 7 years, and vegan for the past 4 of those years. I have a wonderful husband-who is a carnivore. I am the proud mother of several rescue fur babies. They are the inspiration of me starting this journey, and why I want to pursue the natural things in life.


Follow my blog for fun, exciting way to LIV natural.

Love, Liv